at Sure Shine - Waterloo

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Come wash your dog in the convenience of our climate controlled, 24/7, dog washing stations. Feel secure, as we have camera surveillance and well-lit bays. 


Each wash tub bay has a 2-point secure tether to keep your pets secure during their bath. There are also additional tethering brackets for those with multiple pets thus allowing all your pets to be secured.


Oh yeah, no more bending! No more back pain! No more mess! 


We accept cash, coins, credit cards, and Sure Shine ExpressKeys. (Although keep in mind, no change is dispensed from bill acceptor)

We're your best friend's, best friend!

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4 Unique Shampoos

Sensitive skin, De Skunk - we've got the shampoo for you.

Blow Dryer

Bring your towel for maximum drying and then follow up with our blower for a full experience.

No Appointment Needed

Plan ahead or walk right in.

2 Rinse Settings

Dual rinse settings for a wash tailored for your dog.

2 Wash Bays

Double wash bays to help get you in and out fast.


Dog Steps

WooFy's is for big, small, young, and old - we love them all!


Follow-up with conditioner to keep your friend's hair nice and soft.

Climate Controlled

Rain or shine, come wash in the comfort of Woofy's.

Hassle & Mess Free Experience

No more bending, lifting, or messes. Just leave with a clean dog!